Lesson 2 - Fun Craft and Sound Game

In this video, you and your kiddos will be entertained by watching, learning and practicing their target sound. First, my mailbox brings speech sounds to life by showcasing the sound and providing you with instructions on how to make the sound with built-in practice opportunities throughout the video : )

Once you have opened the mailbox, and read the instructions to open the sound box, a craft or game is revealed! My favorite assistant and I demonstrate how to play the game and how to mark the sound tracker.  You'll be having fun working on sound production with your little one and be able to keep track of the results!

/M/ Materials

A memory type game where two matching items are revealed (I found mine at target in the dollar section.  It comes with 3-4 different game boards so you have variety)





Watch this craft video below, with your little one, to see how to make and use this .

M Sound Tracker.pdf
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