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Learn How to Make the Sound

A brief introduction about how a sound is made and the applicable articulators we use for that sound. 

Enjoy a Craft & Practice Game

Parents and speech kiddos will be entertained by watching, learning, and practicing the target sound.

Make OnGoing Practice Easy

Parents are having fun working on sound production with their kids and keeping track of their results!

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Hi, I’m Ardith and I'm an SLP & Mom of 2

As an SLP who has worked with tons of speech kiddos and parents over the years, I've seen the struggles we all face with speech homework - and I decided to take action.

I developed these simple video lessons for parents and their little ones to use in between their speech therapy sessions to help lesson the burden on speech therapists like me and the awesome parents and kiddos we work with.

Now speech homework is easy to reference and fun to complete!