Hey SLPs! I bet you are just like me...

Spending too much of your free time thinking about, planning for and preparing homework for your clients?

Do you find yourself scouring the internet for resources to suit your clients needs...and let’s face it, probably twenty minutes before your therapy session begins? 

Who has time for this when we have a significant amount of professional demands staring us in the face?

Guilty of Recycling Content?

Maybe you are the kind of SLP that has everything organized including your homework but you are guilty of recycling the same old thing over and over. 

Stressing Over Lack of Gains?

Maybe you find yourself stressing about that kiddo who you want desperately to make gains but mom and dad are not doing the homework. 

Sick of Never-Ending Cycle?

Maybe you are on task preparing homework, but your student is a whippersnapper who needs a challenge and so you find yourself needing to prepare more and more homework each week.

Or maybe...

You sometimes find that a child is having a difficult time transitioning their way out of your session. The child is crying because they don’t want to leave and mom is sweating trying to coral him/her, and you're standing there thinking:

"If I could only spend two minutes explaining the homework for the week, I could sleep peacefully tonight." 

If any of this sounds familiar, then you have come to the right place!!

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The struggle is real...

In our profession we struggle to be taken seriously. We worked hard to achieve our Master’s degree and everyone thinks that we “play” for a living. 

You find teachers, administrators and parents silently thinking, "How hard can that be?" And yet their child is in your office for a reason.

In addition, we spend endless hours preparing and planning our therapy lessons to suit the needs of each individual that we work with. So it can be frustrating when parents are not doing the homework that you prepared. 

Parents need support too...

Parents complain that their child is not succeeding, but it's likely because they are only doing the work during your therapy sessions. 

They aren’t seeing the results they want in part because they are not engaged in their child’s speech sessions and homework in between

The truth is...Parents need 1:1 direct instruction just like their kids How can we expect them to know what we know if we don’t have the time to explain it to them efficiently and effectively. 

Over time, a parent may become discouraged and want to discontinue the process or place blame. We witness this misunderstanding in IEP meetings all the time

It's a never-ending cycle...

The point being, that you have wasted all that time preparing homework and now you're discouraged because it wasn’t completed and you're concerned that it will reflect poorly on your ability as a therapist.

This cycle never ends and places so much added stress on you and your ability to be the STELLAR therapist that you are. Finally, it’s Friday and you think "Yay!" But then quickly realize that part of your weekend will be time spent preparing more client homework.

You say to yourself, "I love these kids and this is a sacrifice I’m willing to take" but in the meantime, you never have time for yourself and even less time with your own family because of all this extra work that you do for the kids and families that you care about. 

Luckily for them, we are passionate about speech therapy and we live for progress and helping kids reach their communication goals. 

Imagine for a moment...

It’s the time in your week when you sit down to begin planning for your upcoming therapy sessions.

You realize you already have the perfect homework assignment prepped for your kids that includes the targeted skills they need to practice. 

  • It’s easy to access
  • It's fun to follow
  • It's engaging for your students
  • And it's something that both the clients and parents are excited to complete before your next session. 

Parents are seeing success faster because they are doing the homework you’ve assigned, enjoying time with their kids and learning more about speech therapy. 

Simultaneously, you get to enjoy more free time with your family and friends and watch your caseload, business and most importantly clients succeed! 

Easy Does It SLP Homework Packs can do this for you!

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Hi, I’m Ardith and I was in your shoes

...Feeling constantly discouraged by all this additional work I’d have to repeatedly do and seeing my clients ignore it or feel overwhelmed by it. 

I searched for resources high and low, and decided it was time to make this for myself, and share it with my fellow SLPs who are dealing with the same challenges. 

This was created for SLPs, by an SLP!

We finally have the homework resource we’ve been desperately looking for!

Why I Made "Easy Does It: SLP Homework Videos"

I know the struggle...I've lived it. I finally decided that it was time for me to make the homework video series I've been wishing for and I am sharing it with YOU because I want to help other SLPs get some of their time back, see stronger gains with their clients, and have more parents enjoying their experiences with our industry.

It's time to make it happen!

Say goodbye to late nights and hello to peace of mind. Stop scrambling to pull together resources and fretting about whether you are choosing the right activity to compliment your therapy sessions. Stress no more!

Enjoy the peace of mind that you have the perfect homework assignment prepped for your client, every single time. Feel confident that your client will not only complete the homework, but they’ll be excited to do it, and will thank you for a job well done. You and your parents will see the results and work toward them together.


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The truth is, I want the Easy Does It: Homework Video Series to be as helpful as possible for you, your students, and their parents.

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